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Graphics by K Brezin

Backgrounds and graphics by CCFMinis

Hey, I finally got around to designing some webpage sets, backgrounds, buttons and clipart. To see the sets click on the background, there's only a few right now, hopefully there will be more soon. I designed these sets myself. Please do not add these to other clipart collections without my permission. If you use any of my designs please link to my site and use my banner or button. I would also appreciate you signing my guestbook so I can see how you use the backgrounds, etc. To save an image just go to the image, click on the 2nd mouse button and go to save. I'm sorry I can no longer make graphics for others due to a lack of time. All my images are made with Adobe PhotoShop.

Backgrounds & Sets


Border Backgrounds

Buttons & Things

Mare & Foal Button..Horse Friends Button

Grey Horses..Cantering Horses In Sun

Horse Play Button..Dressage button

Paint Mare & Foal Button

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